What are backlinks anyway?

So, you have been reading about search engine optimisation and come across the term “backlink” and wondered what it was. If you are new to search engine optimisation, then you may think why backlinks are necessary. SEO focuses on a number of methods to improve the searchability and page ranking of your website when people use sites like Google to search for something. What you type into the search engine is often linked to the results generated by keywords. If you type in “backlink” into the search box you would expect sites to be indexed that are the most relevant to the term “backlink”; therefore, “backlinks” would be an appropriate keyword for your website to use to encourage search engines to find your site within its database and provide a link within the search results.

Backlinks are links that direct people to your website. They are known as inbound links and the more you have dotted around the internet, the greater the popularity of your website. The more popular then the more credentials your website will have and the higher it will rank in search results. Therefore volume of backlinks is important. These along with quality content on your website will quickly ensure that you website increases in ranking.

All search engines calculate how relevant your website is to a particular keyword. Quality is a secondary aspect relating to backlinks. Ideally, you would like your backlink to be linked to websites of a similar topic so that your website is seen as an important and it becomes known as a valuable resource for people searching for what your website has to offer. Finding ways to create these links can be difficult and painstakingly tedious without the use of online tools such as freebacklinkcreator. Freebacklinkcreator.com can create free backlinks to kickstart your SEO campaign by providing you with a number of backlinks.

The purpose of directing people or traffic to your website is to entice visitors to look at your site, visit pages, become customers and target sales. You cannot just build a website and not promote it and expect 1000’s of visitors to it overnight without some marketing. To get visitors online you need to use search engine optimisation to focus the search terms associated with your blog, business or website so that you get traffic.

Once you see backlinks appearing for your site, you will be able to target future backlink campaigns towards particular pages of your website. This might be to improve sales or highlight a promotion. Alternatively, you may be trying to build a mailing list. You can use online domain statistics tools to help keep track of your backlinks. These display the different backlinks associated with your website from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Open Directory and DMOZ, to name just a few, and let you know how well your website is ranking.

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